A lot of people have turned to vape as a way to quit smoking cigarettes under the impression that it was a healthy alternative. Unfortunately, if you start vaping, you might be subject to adverse health effects than traditional cigarettes. Vaping has its own dangers that make it a much less attractive alternative than people thought. Juul is in the midst of a wrongful death lawsuit after one of their patrons died in their sleep as a result of using the Juul. This story is causing a lot of alarm around.

At first, vaping was pitched as a solution to regular cigarettes that will help smokers curb their nicotine addiction. While vaping exposes you to fewer toxic chemicals, most vapers and e-cigarette users are still consuming carcinogens and nicotine in their vape oil. Your vape can become just as addictive as regular cigarettes, which means quitting vaping will be equally as hard. Vapes are not like the nicotine gum or patch. It won’t help you quit smoking. It only enables you to get your nicotine in a slightly healthier way. 

As the amount of young people vaping increases, there are quite a few shocking statistics from the food and drug administration, outlining the dangers of vaping. The FDA even reported in 2018 that nearly 3.62 million middle and high school-aged children were used e-cigarettes in 2018. It’s hard to see the long term health risks of side effects of vaping or electronic cigarettes, but we have come up with a few ways to try and kick the habit today. 

Here are five vaping alternatives that will help you live a healthier lifestyle. 


Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is all the rage these days now that the Farm Bill has legalized hemp, and for a good reason. Compounding research shows that CBD has various health benefits that make it an attractive alternative to tobacco. Many people use CBD for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety, making cigarettes obsolete in that department. It also helps naturally curb the nasty withdrawal symptoms that come with nicotine withdrawal and quitting cold turkey and not using a nicotine patch or lozenge. 

If the same or more relief can be found with a healthier alternative, that’s a pretty good reason to give it a try. On top of that, CBD has a range of other therapeutic benefits, as well. It is also known to relieve pain, help with sleep issues, reduce inflammation, reduce acne, protect against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, and improve heart health. 

CBD comes in many forms, so that way you consume, it is up to you. CBD oil is one of the most popular options, and with it, you can ingest it straight from its dropper orally or under the tongue or add it to things like smoothies, pasta dishes, and baked goods. CBD oil can also be vaped if you purchase a specific pen that uses CBD oil cartridges. Additionally, you can buy CBD as a pre-made edible, like in chocolate or gummies, or even in capsules. It comes in flower form as well, which can be smoked. Depending on where you live, you can also experiment with different CBD/THC oil blends to get the best effect. 

Herbal cigarettes

If you’re not ready to entirely quit smoking just yet, herbal cigarettes are an excellent alternative to e-cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes contain non-harmful botanical ingredients rather than tobacco products, such as lavender, peppermint, and thyme. Making your own herbal cigarettes will fulfill the oral fixation many who are addicted to smoking have without all the toxic chemicals. 

Be careful and check the label if you opt to buy herbal cigarettes instead of making your own, as many still have tobacco in them. Also, it’s essential to be aware of the fact that smoking any substance produces tar. While smoking herbal cigarettes is healthier in many ways, it still gets that carcinogenic element.

Keep yourself busy with other activities.

Rather than replacing one substance for another, the healthiest, smoke-free, vape free option is to change your lifestyle entirely so that you run much less risk of the bad habit sneaking up on you again. A mental distraction is an excellent way to remove vaping from your life. When your mind is occupied, you’re less likely to even think about vaping. 

Find something that you’re passionate about or something that interests you and turn it into a hobby. This could be anything from exercising, cooking, playing an instrument, or taking up some form of art. The options are endless, and it mostly depends on your individual preferences what you choose to do. The bottom line is that a busy mind, one that is genuinely into the activity, is much less likely to find themselves vaping. 

Embrace other relaxation techniques

It’s common to vape as a way to relax or unwind. But most people who vape overlook that there are many ways to relax. And it turns out, many of them are much healthier and more effective than vaping. 

Meditation is one of the most popular relaxation techniques, and what’s great about it is, when you get good at it, you can do it anywhere. Another great way to relax is to practice yoga. Lots of studies have shown that yoga practice is linked to tranquility. There are many different kinds of yoga with varying levels of intensity, so it likely won’t be hard to find one that’s right for you. 

Listening to calming music as sound therapy, getting into aromatherapy with essential oils, and taking baths are other effective ways of reaching a more relaxed state of mind. Once you find ways to relax and integrate them as part of your lifestyle, your overall mood will be much more calm in general, so you won’t even consider vaping anymore.